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Oracle Readymade BI Solutions

Virran BI is a single platform that empowers your entire organization to ask any question of any Financial data in any environment 

Oracle AP - Invoice Transaction Efficiency 

Displays the AP average invoice amount and count by fiscal month for the trailing four Fiscal Quarter

A simple, seamless experience removes the boundaries between discovery and display, making it easy to see your data, work with visualizations

Capture insights and comments to create interactive stories you can share across the organization

Oracle AP - Top 10 Suppliers by Invoice

Displays the top 10 suppliers by the number of invoices for the current fiscal quarter 

Embed insights into the day-to-day experience of others in preferred applications and portals

Role-based application security controls data visibility and access to content

Oracle AP - Top 10 Suppliers by AP Balance

Display the top 10 Suppliers by AP Balance for the current fiscal quarter 

Configurable dashboards enable you to quickly analyze and manage activity across the entire system

Easily combine data sets and pick visuals to quickly build compelling BI applications

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