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Zoho Services



Virran offers comprehensive services across Zoho Products.

Zoho offers a low code solution for all your business needs. 


Virran’s Zoho services and solutions enable our clients to Track, Record, Measure, Analyze and Optimize business Operations and performance. We understand the business structures, data importance, metrics and detailed critical information of every aspect of business planning. Our services cover the life-cycle of information utilization, from initial analysis, ideation to implementation. 



  • Zoho People 

  • Zoho CRM

  • Zoho Creator

  • Zoho Books 

  • Zoho Integrations

  • Zoho Productivity Suite

Services Offering

New perspectives. New ways of working. New services. Our services portfolio can help you optimize and improve business performance.​

ERP Implemtnation

Rapid deployment models that enable our clients to quickly realize capabilities on accelerated time frames using industry-leading templates and pre-made configurations. Our services include Implementation solution, Develop and configure reports .

Customization Services

Virran’s’ Zoho Creator Services can help you assess your current environment, create a strategy and blueprint for a new future state, and then implement the transformation. 



In today’s dynamic market, one need to make sure your  application able to connect to multiple applications to meet the business objectives. Zoho's standard Integration options enable to connect you to almost all the top SAAS applications available in the market. We can also utilize the API framework provided by Zoho to do our own custom integrations.



Virran offers a comprehensive AMS package for all its Service Offerings. We have the best in class and best in value remote services enabled for Zoho Support and Enhancements. 

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